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Fox on the Run. Fox on the Run.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great flash cartoon

It's especially well made for your first full attempt too.

My only little problem is that the animation is just a tad bit jittery at times. The characters are very well drawn, and shown a great amount of emotion and character. The sound comes in nice and clear here, and I really like the song too. There is only brief cartoony violence, so not much to rate there. Even less with Interactivity. I also especially like the humor, I laughed a few times. Overall, considering your experience, I really liked it a lot. Good job!

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Elstevo's Gay Pride Dog Elstevo's Gay Pride Dog

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An Ode To Optimism

Even though I am credited as a collaborator on this wonderful game, I am still going to chime in with my opinion. My job was a minor one, consisting of sitting next to Matt and laughing, blurting out random things, and then coming up with the serendipitously magnicent text.

I believe that this game is the ultimate ode to happiness and joy, hence the use of "gay pride." No, gay does not necessarily stand for "homosexual" in this case, although I would like to say that the dog's sexual preference is his own business, thank you. Here it means an unblemished, unconditional love for life. Note the brisk playing time, the bright colors, the incredibly joyful music, and most of all the fact that you never lose. You are only rewarded for removing a little darkness from the world. It is simple, elegant, and bold.

In short: LOL

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